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With every 3, 6 or 12 month membership

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Winter is the best time to commit to a healthier you.


Commit to a 3, 6 or 12 month membership and XS Fitness will commit to you with FREE included personal training sessions.

Our bodies are incredible, but they are also stubborn, and don’t like to change quickly. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle building or improving your overall fitness, starting your journey in Winter will get you on your way to the new you.


Would you like to share the new you with your friends and family this Summer?


Winter is the perfect time to start.

What are your fitness goals?

You deserve your commitment to succeed and nothing helps success more than starting out correctly.


XS Fitness will help you train safely and correctly from day one with free personal training sessions.


The self-conscious, confidence-vanishing feeling one experiences when faced with an intimidating, embarrassing, or potentially awkward situation at the gym. It often involves feelings of fear of being judged based on one’s fitness level and/or uncertainty involving equipment and exercises.


One of the best ways to overcome your gym anxiety is to start with a personal trainer on day one.

Your PT will discuss your fitness or weight loss goals and assist in creating a training plan and a diet plan

Your PT will demonstrate and explain every piece of equipment and guide you to which are best for you, and which to avoid

Your PT will teach you how to train safely so you don’t overdo it, or under train yourself

Workouts with your PT will give you the confidence to know the gym, how it works, gym etiquette and the rules

Your PT can also introduce you to other members so you feel relaxed and welcome